bethnal green-black and white photography-east end-eastend-dustmen-digby st -barmy park-town hall-lbth-winter of discontent


(Contains 35 photos)
LBTH portfolio
(Contains 8 photos)
St Margarets Church Bowers Gifford Essex portfolio
(Contains 24 photos)
Maldon Essex portfolio
(Contains 80 photos)
Last day of production Fords Dagenham PTA portfolio
(Contains 51 photos)
Essex portfolio
(Contains 68 photos)
Ford Dagenham Estate portfolio
(Contains 62 photos)
Benfleet Essex portfolio
(Contains 28 photos)
Local residents of the hairy kind Benfleet and Essex portfolio
(Contains 10 photos)
St Marys Church Benfleet Essex portfolio
(Contains 20 photos)
Leigh on Sea portfolio
(Contains 35 photos)
Southend Essex portfolio
(Contains 31 photos)
Benfleet fete Essex 2012 and 2014 portfolio
(Contains 89 photos)
People portfolio
(Contains 48 photos)
Odds and Sods(others) portfolio
(Contains 97 photos)
people past portfolio
(Contains 30 photos)
Motorbiking Barry Sheene portfolio
(Contains 9 photos)
LBTH 1970s portfolio
(Contains 14 photos)
Playing on the dump Barnet Grove~Demolition Brady Street ~Car verses Routemaster 1970s portfolio
(Contains 11 photos)
Father Thames Tower Bridge and London 1970s portfolio
(Contains 37 photos)
Jousting at the Tower of London 1970s portfolio
(Contains 14 photos)
Regents Canal LBTH 1970s portfolio
(Contains 17 photos)
Victoria Park Bethnal Green  1979~1980 portfolio
(Contains 31 photos)
Open air Circus Barmy park Bethnal green portfolio
(Contains 8 photos)
Daneford Secondary Modern School Bethnal Green  fete 1970s portfolio
(Contains 25 photos)
Fun day out at Weavers Fields Park bethnal green 1970s portfolio
(Contains 52 photos)
Rock against racism Victoria Park  1978 portfolio
(Contains 14 photos)
Peoples march for jobs Liverpool to Londons Victoria Park portfolio
(Contains 26 photos)
Fight the cuts Meeting at Barmy park bethnal green portfolio
(Contains 6 photos)
When We heard that Thatcher was going to Privatise Council services LBTH portfolio
(Contains 23 photos)
March against Thatchers cuts and some Mayday parade portfolio
(Contains 24 photos)
Fight Margaret Thatchers cuts portfolio
(Contains 27 photos)
More demos portfolio
(Contains 32 photos)
Winter of Discontent portfolio
(Contains 29 photos)
Dagenham portfolio
(Contains 44 photos)
Canvey island portfolio
(Contains 22 photos)
Bethnal Green portfolio